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Lineation Face Treatment

1Lineation Ageless & Antioxydant Facial (Package)Rp.850,000
2Lineation Rebalancing Facial (Package)Rp.850,000
3Lineation Hydrabalance Facial (Package)Rp.850,000
4Lineation FacialRp.190,000
5Lineation Diamond Face PeelRp.270,000
6Lineation Double SoftRp.400,000
7Lineation Comedo CleanRp.125,000
8Lineation Oxy Rebirth RegularRp.325,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth AgelessRp.460,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth RebalancingRp.460,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth HydrabalanceRp.515,000
9Lineation IonthoporesisRp.120,000
10Lineation Rejuvenation Care
Lineation Rejuvenation Care EyeRp.285,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care FaceRp.850,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care NeckRp.360,000
11Lineation UltrasoundRp.175,000
Lineation Body Treatment

1Lineation Diamond Body PeelRp.360,000
2Lineation Body Rejuvenation Care
Lineation Rejuvenation Care ArmRp.430,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care ThighRp.430,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care TummyRp.475,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care One AreaRp.405,000
3Lineation Slimming MasterRp.200,000
4Lineation Happy BoobsRp.350,000
5Lineation Bikini TreatmentRp.515,000
6Lineation Hair Wax Out
Lineation Arm Hair Wax OutRp.92,000
Lineation Armpit Hair Wax OutRp.75,000
Lineation Bikini Line Hair Wax OutRp.201,000
Lineation Legs Hair Wax OutRp.172,000
7Lineation Smooth ShapeRp.230,000
Lineation Face Treatment

1Lineation Brightening PeelRp.375,000
2Lineation Radiance PeelRp.350,000
3Lineation Acne ControlRp.350,000
4Lineation Scar FreeRp.1,500,000
5Lineation Face Wrinkle FreeRp1,500,000
6Lineation Neck Wrinkle FreeRp1,260,000
7Lineation Vascular Clear
Lineation Vascular Clear per shotRp.200,000
Lineation Vascular Clear (80 shot)Rp.1,000,000
Lineation Vascular Clear (200 shot)Rp.2,200,000
8Lineation CO2 Face
Lineation CO2 (Per Spot)Rp.250,000
Lineation CO2 (All in)Rp.1,000,000
9Lineation Bio LightRp.75,000
10Lineation Ionic Face ActivationRp.1,500,000
11Lineation IPL AcneRp.260,000
12Lineation IPL Hair RemovalRp.260,000
13Lineation IPL PigmentRp.260,000
14Lineation IPL RejuveRp.260,000
15Lineation Face Q-Switch CarbonRp.500,000
Lineation Face Q-Switch 1/2 AreaRp.1,000,000
Lineation Face Q-Switch 1 AreaRp.1,500,000
16Lineation Thread LiftRp.390,000
17Lineation Face ShapingRp.1,300,000
18Lineation Smooth Tox
Lineation Smooth Tox 1uRp.135,000
Lineation Smooth Tox 5uRp.675,000
Lineation Smooth Tox 10u
Lineation Smooth Tox 20uRp.2,700,000
19Lineation Mild Contour
Lineation Mild Contour VolumaRp.5,700,000
Lineation Mild Contour DeepRp.6,500,000
Lineation Mild Contour StylageRp3,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour Hydra MaxRp.3,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour Redensity 2Rp.4,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour VolebelleRp.5,700,000
20Lineation Smooth Skin Eye BrowRp.340,000
21Lineation Smooth Skin FaceRp.950,000
22Lineation Hair RevivalRp.195,000
23Lineation Facelift AcupuntureRp.2,000,000
24Lineation Chromosome
25Lineation Whitening
Lineation Whitening 1Rp.165,000
Lineation Whitening 2Rp.325,000
Lineation Whitening 3Rp.375,000
Lineation Whitening 4Rp.550,000
Lineation Whitening 5Rp.550,000
26Lineation Injection KeloidRp.150,000
27Lineation Injection Stemcell MaleRp.4,120,000
28Lineation Injection Stemcell FemaleRp.4,120,000
29Lineation Injection L CarnithineRp.220,000
30Lineation Injection AcneRp.100,000
31Lineation Injection CollagenaseRp.200,000
32Lineation MelanoceuticalRp.400,000
33Lineation Injection HyaluronidaseRp.460,000
Lineation Body Treatment

1Lineation Vocal Cord TherapyRp.172,000
2Lineation Arm Tightening Sagging FreeRp.1,850,000
3Lineation Breast Tightening Sagging FreeRp.1,800,000
4Lineation Tummy Tightening Sagging FreeRp.2,500,000
5Lineation Half Tightening Sagging FreeRp.1,850,000
6Lineation CO2 TummyRp.3,700,000
7Lineation CO2 Half TummyRp.3,000,000
8Lineation Body Shape Ionic ActivationRp.1,500,000
9Lineation Body Shape Ionic Activation (Package)Rp.3,000,000
10Lineation Body RemodelingRp.2,500,000
11Lineation Diet for OverweightHarga disesuaikan dengan anjuran dan treatment dari dokter
12Lineation Body Q-Switch CarbonRp.500,000
13Lineation Body Q-Switch 1/2 AreaRp.1,000,000
14Lineation Body Q-Switch 1 AreaRp.1,500,000
15Lineation Body Scennar Full BodyRp.350,000
16Lineation Body Scennar PartialRp.190,000
17Lineation Smooth Skin ArmRp.1,275,000
18Lineation Smooth Skin Armpit PermanenRp.950,000
19Lineation Smooth Skin Half BackRp.1,850,000
Lineation Smooth Skin Full BackRp.2,600,000
20Lineation Smooth Skin Bikini LineRp.950,000
21Lineation Smooth Skin Foot/LegRp.1,275,000
22Lineation Hair RevivalRp.250,000
Lineation Anti Aging

1Lineation Diet for ObesityHarga disesuaikan dengan anjuran dan treatment dari dokter
2Lineation Anti Aging and HRT ConsultationRp.150,000
3Lineation Slimming AcupuntureRp.200,000
4Lineation Detox LiverRp.957,000
5Lineation Detox Kidney 2Rp.375,000
6Lineation Detox SkinRp.350,000
7Lineation Detox ColonRp.1,302,700
9Finding Your True Colour with Finger PrintRp.750,000
10Brain Optimizer with Brain GymRp.300,000
11Natural Trauma Healing (NTH) First Step with Psoas ExerciseRp.2,000,000
NTH Group ProgramRp.1,500,000
(group min. 5 people)
NTH ReleaseRp.300,000
12Energy & Mindset Reprograming with Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Chigong, Prana, Kundalini, MerdianRp.500,000
Lineation Fisio

1Lineation Fisio TENSRp.25,000
2Lineation Fisio USRp.25,000
3Lineation Fisio Manual TherapyRp.50,000
4Lineation Fisio Ekstrimitas (Anggota gerak)Rp.35,000
5Linaetion Fisio NMT BackRp.30,000
Lineation Acupunture

1Lineation AcupuntureRp.150,000
2Lineation Acupunture GeneralRp.100,000
3Lineation Acupunture BreastRp.360,000
4Lineation Acupunture StrokeRp.150,000
5Lineation Acupunture Stimulate + TDPRp.30,000